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Simple and Powerful order management system for all your business needs

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Listee Take Orders

Handle more Orders without Increasing Headcount

Our system will help you optimize your online Pre-Order business (try for free!) with fantastic features. We got it all covered from product sales planner, monthly sales report, customer analysis, and more!

Listee Take Orders
Listee Timeslots

High-Volume Selling Made Easy

Listee Timeslots

Boost Sales through Beautiful, Simple-To-Use Storefronts

Enhance your customer experience powered by The harder it is for your customers to order, the more customers you will lose. Our stores are user-friendly and simple to use, perfect for high-volume selling.

Time is money:

Take your first order within minutes.

Take your first order within minutes! By simply creating a Listee account, add your menu item & details and start confirming and fulfilling orders placed on your Listee website. As easy as ABC.

Operate Efficiently with Listee

Personalized Analytics

Learn more about your business in a glance. We help to organize your Revenue and Order Count into graphs per timeframe.

Delivery Integration

Request courier in one click with our built-in delivery system. Listee will help you deliver to your customer’s doorstep safe & sound.

Cashless Payment

Wide payment options for you to choose from, including bank transfers, OVO, GoPay, Dana, and more!

Flexible Scheduling

Add, edit, and remove your Time Slots & Quota based on your availability. Arrange your product availability whenever, wherever you are.


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So far sih aman pake Listee, jadi lebih enak juga karena semua orders bisa dilihat dari satu platform & data-data customer jg ada lengkap. Listee mempermudah bgtt jf ga cape balesin WA customer satu” nanya menu & price list.

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